WICPA & Spectrum Presents

The 13th Annual Retirement Plan Investment Seminar

Co-sponsored with the WICPA

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Seminar Agenda:

8:15 a.m.    Welcome  - Introductory Remarks

James Marshall & Jonathan Marshall, MBA

 President/Founder, Spectrum -- Chief Investment Officer, Spectrum

8:25 a.m.    Retirement Plan Trends

Manuel Rosado, MBA

 Vice President|Partner, Spectrum

8:45 a.m.    8,000 Days: An Entire Phase of Your Life Waiting to be Invented

Julie Genjac

 Managing Director of Strategic Markets - Hartford Funds

9:35 a.m.    BREAK

9:45 a.m.    Economic & Financial Markets Review

Bruce Johnstone, CFA

 Managing Director & Sr. Marketing Investment Strategist, Fidelity Investments

10:55 a.m.    BREAK

11:05 a.m.    Lean Forward, Fight Hard

John Wayne Walding

 Decorated Green Beret

12:15 p.m.    ADJOURNMENT

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Note: The information presented at this seminar by the above speakers is provided to the audience for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to be a recommendation to buy or sell any particular security and does not constitute an offer by the speakers to sell any security or financial product.  We urge investors to seek advice from their investment adviser and to follow the guidelines of their own investment policy statement. Spectrum Investment Advisors, Julie Genjac, Hartford Funds, Bruce Johnstone, Fidelity Investments and John Wayne Walding are all unafilliated.  
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